A Store is a place where materials are kept.  It covers all aspects of protection and preservation of materials.  JCP store mainly deals with pharmacy chemicals, glass wares and equipments apart from that in general, it deals with stationary items and construction items with internet facilities. The main functions of stores department in JCP are as follows:-

  1. Receiving materials from suppliers and checking them as to quality and quantity.
  2. Storing all materials in safe and systematic manner for quick delivery.
  3. Issuing materials against proper authorization in right quality, quantity and at right time.
  4. Maintaining proper records of receipt, issues and balance of materials in the store.
  5. Safeguarding the stocks in the stores from breakage, spoilage, deterioration, pilferage, etc.
  6. Maintenance of good house-keeping to facilitate easy handling of materials.
  7. Receiving and issuing requisitions for fresh supplies of materials whose stocks have reached the minimum level.
  8. Providing good services to the user-department.


The steps in the purchase procedure are as follows:-

  1. Receiving purchase requisitions.
  2. Exploring the sources of supply and choosing the supplier.
  3. Placing of order.
  4. Follow- up.
  5. Receipt of materials.
  6. Inspection of materials
  7. Checking of invoice and sent it to accounts for payment.


  • Air re-circulation system.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Good lightening.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Internet facility.
  • LAN connection.


CHEMICALS:-  Acetone, Acacia gum, Benzoic acid, Boric acid, Chloroform, Citric acid, Diethy ether,Ethyl acetate, Glyerol, Iodine resublimed, Kaolin, Methanol, Perchloric acid, Potassium ferrocyanide, Sodium nitroprusside, Sodium alignate, W.B.C Diluting fluid etc.

GLASSWARES:- Beakers, conical flask, Dropper, Funnel, Pipette, Round bottom flask, Measuring cylinder, Nessler cylinder, Petridish etc.


EQUIPMENTS:- ABBE Refractometer, Burette, B.P. Apparatus, Balance, Colorimeter, Dessicator, Conductivity meter, Flame Photometer, Incubator, Water bath etc.

STATIONARY ITEMS: – Papers, pen, stapler, punch, registers, cello tape, files, pencil, erasex etc.

CONSTRUCTION ITEMS:- Plumbing items, electrical items, hardware items etc.


Stock Registers for chemicals, glassware, equipment, stationary items, Out coming and incoming registers-External, Alcohol register, Uniform register, Outgoing register –Intercom, Voucher issue register, Printed book issue register, Generator log book etc