Jeypore College of Pharmacy has one well designed Quality Control Laboratory for Quality Control Test of Solid Dosage forms like TABLETS and CAPSULES as per INDIAN PHARMACOPOIEA. The laboratory is containing following instruments and following tests are carried out.


Sl. No. Q.C. Test Instruments Used Objective
01 Thickness & Diameter Slide caliper and screw gauge To measure thickness and diameter of dosage form
02 Weight variation test Digital balance To measure uniformity in weight of dosage forms to ascertain dose accuracy
03 Hardness test Monsanto Hardness Tester

Pfizer Hardness Tester

To measure crushing strength of Tablet
04 Friability Test Roche Friabilator To determine Tablet compression problem
05 Disintegration Test Disintegration Apparatus To find out disintegration time of tablet
06 Drug content test UV-Visible Spectrophotometer To find out the drug content in dosage form
07 Dissolution Test Dissolution Apparatus

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

To find out the pattern of drug release from dosage form